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Theology in Story

I'm over at Out of the Ordinary this morning sharing about reading Old Testament Narrative.

I may think to myself, "Sarai followed Abram without question when God called him out of Ur. She was a good wife. If I want to be a good wife, I need to be like Sarai." That is moralizing. It is a noble thing to be a good wife, and there are other places in Scripture which support the principle of being a responsible wife, but this account of Sarai and Abram leaving Ur is not about marriage. Esther is not about how to be manage a difficult husband. Every story about Moses cannot be reduced to a lesson about effective leadership. 

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Age With Zeal

Aging is what I'm writing about at Out of the Ordinary this morning. 

I am in agreement with J.I. Packer who says this about aging:

Maintaining zeal Godward as our bodies wear out is the special discipline to which we aging Christians are called.

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That is where I am today.

At Out of the Ordinary, I share some thoughts about the need to serve in the local church.

At my Canadian history and literature blog (yes, you may run screaming now if you wish, and I won't be offended), I share a snippet from L.M. Montgomery's journals which reveals a rather embittered pastor's wife.

And now, Psalm 139 beckons to me as I prepare for Sunday school.


Calgon, take me away!

Do you remember that old commercial where the frazzled woman cries those words and ends the commercial soothing herself in Calgon's bubbly comfort? I have thought those words in recent days.

In light of sobering news stories that include terrorism, disease, and fear, it's easy to feel discouraged. And then to top it off, some of my social media feeds are nothing but a lot of poorly done debate about issues that will never be resolved, and just distract me from my real life. Do you ever just want something encouraging?

In the month of November, at Out of the Ordinary, we will be sharing nothing but gratitude. We all need to do that once in a while. Yes, those debates among the important people are necessary, but so are simple offerings of gratitude to God for even the littlest things. We ordinary theologians at Out of the Ordinary want to be encouraging in the month of November, so if you're looking for a bit of that, check out the details of our month of gratitude.


Repetition on a theme

My husband is on vacation this week, and we're doing all sorts of domestic duty this week as well as planning (hopefully) a day trip for photos. Because I'm too busy to be original, this morning at Out of the Ordinary, I'm re-posting something I wrote here about a year ago.

It's still not okay to vent about your spouse.