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Losing the language of faith

It's my turn at Out of the Ordinary this morning. 

I'm talking about losing the language of faith. 

Maybe it starts with a church problem; an offense that leads to bitterness. Perhaps it's a trial which weighs you down. Or maybe you have so much going on that church interferes with your schedule. Whatever it is, attendance becomes sporadic. Pretty soon, it gets easier and easier to stop going. And then it becomes awkward because you've been away for so long. You may think it's not a big deal; after all we don't have to attend church to be a Christian, right?

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Make known his deeds among the people

This morning at Out of the Ordinary, I am sharing some church history resources. Yes, I know; sounds dry and bookish. It's anything but in my opinion, but learn for yourself.

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Perhaps you have some favourites you'd like to recommend. Share them in the comments if you do.


Reflections on I John

This morning, at Out of the Ordinary, I am reflecting on the beginning of John's first epistle.

Our refusal to entertain the possibility of wrongdoing could very well mean that we don't like to admit that we have sin. We may know it on an intellectual level, but our conduct says something else. Pride is at the root of our sin. We think we know better than God, and we live by the truth we create for ourselves. Yet John reminds us that if don't walk in God's truth, we walk in darkness, and are not practicing the truth (I John. 1:6).

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Fostering reading in your child

Today, Aaron Armstrong has kindly let me talk about two of my favourite subjects: reading and homeschooling. Click here to read about how homeschooling is a great way to foster reading in your child.

If you yourself would like to get a free book, Staci is giving one away at Out of the Ordinary.


Time marches on

Today, at Out of the Ordinary, I share a few thoughts about the reality that middle age reminds us that our bodies are aging.

God created our bodies, and he created them exactly how he wanted them to be. The Fall means our bodies will age and die. We will become weaker, and our bodies will change. As much as we would like to think we can make time stand still with the right amount of exercise or the right diet, we will not put off the inevitable. And why would we want to? Aging is a reminder of what is to come: eternal rest in the presence of God. That is something we ought to be longing for. 

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