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Time marches on

Today, at Out of the Ordinary, I share a few thoughts about the reality that middle age reminds us that our bodies are aging.

God created our bodies, and he created them exactly how he wanted them to be. The Fall means our bodies will age and die. We will become weaker, and our bodies will change. As much as we would like to think we can make time stand still with the right amount of exercise or the right diet, we will not put off the inevitable. And why would we want to? Aging is a reminder of what is to come: eternal rest in the presence of God. That is something we ought to be longing for. 

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Snobbery, discrimination, partiality

This morning, at Out of the Ordinary, I am sharing some reflections from James 2:1-13.

Snobbery. I can remember when I was in the seventh grade, there were girls who demonstrated snobbery. They looked down their noses at girls who were not pretty enough, popular enough, or fashionable enough, and shunned them. Whether it is called favouritism, snobbery, or partiality, it has no place in the Christian life.

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Book Review - Made for More

At Out of the Ordinary, I'm reviewing Hannah Anderson's excellent book Made for More.

... the goal of this book is to call women to recover an understanding of ourselves that is more basic than our gender. It's a call to recover the image of God in our lives - to re-imagine not simply what it means to be a woman, but what it means to be a person made in the very likeness of God Himself.

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Count it all joy

This morning at Out of the Ordinary, I am writing about the words of James to count it all joy when we have trials.

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Twaddle-free women's bible study resource

Today, at Out of the Ordinary, I am reviewing Keri Folmar's new bible study, Faith.

This is the second of Keri's studies, published by Cruciform. I hope to see more.

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