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Conceit does not sow to the Spirit

I'm over at Out of the Ordinary this morning, reflecting on sowing to the Spirit.

When we are conceited we will have one of two responses. First, we will feel superior to others, and will act accordingly, provoking them. Second, we will feel inferior, and become envious and resentful. Have you ever noticed that some of the most conceited people are actually the most defensive? That is because when we are conceited anyone who may look better than we do becomes a threat. It's a vicious circle; we get more defensive and more conceited.  Everything becomes about us.

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Born to be a curse

I'm writing at Out of the Ordinary this morning.

When we remember the child of Bethlehem, remember that he was born to be a curse.

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Worship God, not worship

This morning, I share a last word in a month long series on worship. 

Despite the protestations, one sometimes wonders if we are beginning to worship worship rather than worship God

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Worship with our lives

That is the topic I'm writing about at Out of the Ordinary this morning.

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Truth over feelings

I'm writing over at Out of the Ordinary this morning.

Truth Over Feelings.

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