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"As a pastor, it's tempting..."

Twenty-five years ago, my husband and I had the privilege of sitting under the preaching of a wonderful man of God. The quiet, rather shy man from Oklahoma was the first preacher I, as a new Christian, heard preach in an expository manner. I found his preaching challenging, and his character humble and gentle.

I was surprised when my husband told me that our dear pastor had confided to him that as a pastor, he found it tempting to feel pride when people complimented him on his sermons. He was very concerned thay he not become vain or egotistical, and while he was gracious when complimented, he was uneasy with it. He rightly recognized that getting up in front of a congregation weekly (even our tiny one) was tempting to a man's pride.

How much greater is the temptation in a bigger church? Or the well-known pastor who has regular podcasts or whose sermons are viewed online across the world by thousands he will never meet? Or the man who has people hanging on his every tweet or blog post?

I'm thankful for that man of God, for his honesty and wisdom, and his desire for humility. Would God raise up more like him.