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Internet lessons

I had a few situations over the last few days online that have inspired a lot of thinking.  Thinking is good.

There are so many good things to read online.  Sometimes, it's hard to stop the continual clicking.  The term "bunny trail" has a whole new meaning online.  I appreciate the good stuff I can read out there.

But I was struck recently by how similar online communication can be to a high school cafeteria.  We have little groups here and there, and often the boundaries are pretty solid.  I think it's natural to have a preference for one over the other, and we do tend to align ourselves with people who are likeminded.

I do think, though, that I need to caution myself not to become a person who is unapproachable, or become part of a group that is unapproachable, or unhospitable.  It was a good reminder.  Sometimes, seeing something unpleasant online makes me look at myself in the mirror and evaluate whether or not I'm guilty of that.

I have to say that recently the internet has taught me a lot about my own shortcomings, and it's been through seeing myself in the poor conduct of others.  

I've always been a person who ends up standing outside the circle, and I am not entirely sure why that is.  It is not always easy to be that person, but I think God has a use for it.  Perhaps he knows that if I go inside the circle, I may get lazy about my devotion to Him.  Sometimes, He needs us to be solitary because it's the best place for us to be reached.

I felt a certain amount of cynicism on the weekend, but thankfully it has passed.  People will always let us down, and we need to remember that.  Our job is to avoid being the kind of discouragement that we ourselves experience and to seek for ways to love and build up those around us.

And now I have a date with four chapters of Joshua and a book review.


Double Standards in the world of photography

So, I was checking my Facebook today.  One of the people I am friends with commented about a situation, and it came through to my feed.  My friend is praying for a friend who gave birth prematurely to triplets.  Along with the prayer request is a picture of the mother, pregnant and naked, holding her hand over her.... um.... bosom. 

Okay, I understand that the woman needs prayer, but why must the picture that accompanies it be of her naked?

What is the deal with pregnant women baring it all for photos?

If I have a picture of myself taken where I am not clothed, that would be wrong.  I would never do it, even when I was younger and thinner.  Why is it acceptable when the woman is pregnant?  Pregnancy is beautiful, but is it more beautiful when the picture of a woman shows her unclothed?  

Does this woman not know that nothing on the internet goes away?  How would you feel if some day your teenager saw naked pictures of you.  My sons don't even want to hear me refer to taking my clothes off, never mind seeing evidence that I was not only stupid enough to be photographed, but put it on the internet of all places.

Sometimes, people just fail to use their heads.


A rather random speculation

I regularly get the distinct impression that we are no longer concerned with people's hearts or souls; we're interested in information.  Give me just the fact, m'am. Give me the facts so that I can get on to more facts so that I can feel really informed.

Informed isn't wise.

Informed isn't knowledgable.

Informed may not even be interesting.

I think about how often we can check the news.  We can tun into CNN, MSNBC, CBC, BBC, PBS, multiple times a day and the news won't have changed much.  And then we subject ourselves to people talking about information and think we're coming away with something useful.

I don't know, maybe it's because I have estrogen in my biological make-up, but I don't understand it.  As we pare things down further and further, and try to confine life and death into the size of a tweet, what will we lose in understanding for the sake of bite sized information?  We're abbreviating ourselves into mediocrity.

Maybe it's because I didn't have cream in my coffee this morning, but I'm feeling grumpy.  I put this on my blog because I'm not smart enough to confine this sentiment to a tweet.

That is all.


The best way to focus on the cross

As we think ahead to Resurrection Sunday, our thoughts should be drawn to the cross.  Today, I have been thinking a lot of the song, "O, Sacred Head Now Wounded."  I have a version of it by Phil Keaggy, and it is my favourite version. There is a version of the song by Fernando Ortega which I watched on YouTube, but I didn't care for the scenes from the movie The Passion.  I don't think there's anything wrong with listening to music with just our ears.

If you really want to keep your mind focused on the cross this week, cut down on internet time.  Yes, it is a distraction, but more than that, it's full of entertainment news.  I know that the antics of celbrities has become "news" when prior to the information explosion, it was fairly minor, but I've noticed even more lately.

Yes, I'm Canadian, and I belong to the commonwealth.  But honestly, I don't care about the Royal Wedding.  I really don't.  I don't know them.  I recognize that they are part of the Royal Family, and that means something, but I don't care to know about every detail of their wedding.  And yes, yes, I know the idea of a monarchy is outdated, but before we in North America become too proud of ourselves for not having one, let us remember that a kind of "monarchy" exists in Hollywood.  The only difference is that their royalty is about money and fame, not bloodlines.  It's an equal opportunity kind of monarchy.  We look to the comings and goings of celebrities just as much as we do the monarchy.

Take for example all the talk about Charlie Sheen.  What a fool.  What a sad, ridiculous fool.  Some of the younger generation think he's funny.  He's not.  And watching his every move and giving ear to his narcissism is just feeding an already sick, sinful mind.  It really says something about our society when people will pay to hear that guy.

Media is everywhere, and it's hard to shut out the noise.  Even getting on the internet to find a good sermon to listen to as one goes about her day is rife with the risk that her mind is going to get distracted with the usual vapid offering of media news. I think I may avoid checking my e-mail for a while.