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Reformation Day Reading

Happy Reformation Day!

I'm so thankful for what the Reformers won for us through their many sacrifices. Every time we open our bibles written in our own language, we can thank the men who fought and died to have this book made available to the common man.

Today, I would like to direct you to three posts which focus on Reformation Day.

The first is a biographical sketch of Katherine Parr, the last wife of Henry VIII. Did you know of her religious sympathies? Read on to find out more of her. Diane has done her research for this one!

It's Rebecca's turn at Out of the Ordinary this morning, and she has written a post about of Jan Hus. We talk a lot about Luther and Calvin and Wycliffe, but Hus was a predecessor to the Reformers, and made contributions, too. 

In 2012, Christina Langella hosted an entire series about Women of the Reformation. You can check out the list of articles here.

All of this talk of church history always gets me excited to take down some volumes from my shelf. I hope to do that in the near future!