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Everyone meditates on something

We all worship something. It may be God, and may not be God, but we all worship something. Apparently, we all meditate on something. That is one of the intriguing things I've read so far in David Saxton's book God's Battleplan for the Mind. Technically, I should be waiting to read until Saturday after my final exam, but everyone needs a study break.

Saxton says this:

Everyone meditates on something, whether it is right, wrong, or neutral. Some meditate on problems in life or offenses committed by others. Some consider how to make more money or how to complete home projects. Others meditate on some truth of the Bible. Universally, though, meditation is practiced by all. Thomas Watson explaiined, "The farmer meditates on his acres of land ... The physician meditates upon his remedies ... The lawyer meditates upon his common law ... The tradesman, is for the most part, meditating upon his wares."

I think there is room to meditate on more than just the Bible. There is nothing inherently wrong with meditating upon our work. It is part of doing our vocations well. I think his point here is that we all mediate; the point is on what? Do we make room for biblical meditation?

I'm afraid I am too prone to meditate upon my particular problems of the day more often than I am on Biblical truth. We live in such a rush-rush world.

I'm looking forward to reading this. It's not a long book, so maybe I can finish it before Christmas.