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Work is not always fun

I'm blogging from the lovely Fairmont Richelieu Hotel in La Malbaie, Quebec. Our hotel is along the beautiful St. Lawrence River. I am doing the "trophy wife" duties for my husband while he attends a convention. Whenever he introduces me to people, he points out my now-tattered cast (which thankfully comes off tomorrow) as a topic of conversation; I suppose, this is living proof that I am worthy of my designation.

This is the kind of event where people do a lot of neteworking. On Sunday night I accompanied my husband to a dinner where our hosts wanted to sell something to my husband's company. The next afternoon at lunch, I attended a similar thing, this time with a different sales pitch. Of course, all of this is mind-numbingly boring for me, but I listened politely.

Last night, we attended a reception and a dinner, which was similarly boring because while I'm thankful for car and home insurance, I don't care to talk about it at all. And while my husband finds it relevant, he is not always keen for the small talk and networking. He is a true introvert, and if he had his way, he would have stayed on the trail where we walked yesterday after his sessions were done.

There are a lot of things about his job my husband does not like. And as we sat at these two sales meetings, I was reminded how much my husband must do that he dislikes in order to care for our family. Some young people today (not all) think work always has to be entertaining; that it must continually be fulfilling. While it's good to enjoy our work, the reality is we may not, but we still must do it. That's where having a servant's heart is important. Developing a servant's heart is good preparation for work, because it reminds us who we ultimately work for, and that is the Lord. We need to do all things for him, and without grumbling. Watching my husband these past few days reminded me of that.