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The home stretch and a song

I'm in the home stretch of my seminary class. On December 5, I will write my final exam. It's been busy this past week as I finish reading through the bible, get assignments done, and prepare for Sunday school. In September 2016, I plan on taking two courses, Hebrew and Theological Foundations. I'm not sure how Sunday school will fit into this scenario.

Despite the busyness, I love it. I remember when we began homeschooling in 2000, I felt like I'd "come home" so to speak. It was made for me. I had a similar feeling at school a couple of weeks ago.

Yesterday, I took a break from work and enjoyed the unseasonably warm weather. While I walked, I listened to one of my all-time favourite singers, Stan Rogers. He was a consummate story teller with his lyrics. I really like his recording From Fresh Water, songs of the Great Lakes. Because I live within fifteen minutes of one of those lakes, I enjoy the songs.

I love this song, "White Squall," a sad tale of a young man thrown overboard.




I'm sure I can't count the number of times I played Bing Crosby's Christmas album as a child. Discarded by my parents, I took it upstairs to my room, as a child of eight, and played it on an avacado green portable record player. Yes, a record player. The scratches on the record gave it added character.

I think I was eleven when we got an actual stereo system, and by then, playing such a battered recording on a new piece of equipment was not permitted. The record broke at some point, and it wasn't until I was able to find it on CD that I was reunited with this piece of my childhood.

Merry Christmas, everyone!


Saturday Soundtrack

One of my favourites:


Saturday Soundtrack

I have enjoyed the musical abilities of Chris Thile since his days in Nickel Creek. He is one talented guy, playing all kinds of music. Who knew someone could make such awesome sounds with a mandolin? His recent work with Edgar Meyer is excellent.

His work with Punch Brothers has become one of my favourites. I often listen to their music when I'm walking. This is their new one, "I Blew It Off."


Saturday Soundtrack

Two of my favourite singers, Alison Krauss and Kristyn Getty, sing one of my favourite songs, accompanied by some of my favourite instruments.

"In Christ Alone."