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Status Report - March

Sitting: at my desk, watching the snow come down. Later it will be ice pellets, and later still, freezing rain.

Finished: my time at the young moms' bible study for today, and have an afternoon of staying in where it's warm.

Planning: to listen to some sessions from The Shepherd's Conference.

Thankful: for my family doctor. I will be sad to see him retire.

Waiting: for a variety of things. I'm not good at waiting.

Starting: to look at the course requirements for my seminary class, which begins March 19. There are pre-class assignments that I need to finish.

Reading: The Works of William Perkins, Vol. 1. I'm taking a couple weeks from Charnock to have a look at this book.

Hurrying: to finish knitting a vest for my husband. Listening to the Shepherd's Conference will be a good thing to do while knitting this afternoon.

Anticipating: some warmer days to go out picture taking.

Praying: for God to bolster my faith, which can be so weak at times.


Status Report - September

Sitting: at my desk, listening to the sounds of U.S. Open tennis coming from the family room. It's still the first few rounds, and my favourite, Roger Federer won his match yesterday.

Watching: the hummingbirds fight at the feeder. It's been slow this summer, but now I think I'm getting a lot of traffic from hummers on their migratory path. 

Realizing: that summer is in its final weeks, and I only read one book on my "to read" pile. That is not to say I haven't read, but any time I make a list to read, I end up diverging from said list. Perhaps there's a lesson in there.

Enjoyed: Jude the Obscure, the only one I finished on my list.

Started to enjoy: a biography of Anne Boleyn. I'll pick it up again at some point.

Reading: among other things, The End of Absence. The author has made some very thoughtful observations about online life, especially with regard to confession. He compared the difference between confessing in a journal and confessing online:

When we make confessions online, we abandon the powerful workshop of the lone mind, where we puzzle through the mysteries of our own existence without reference to the demands of an often ruthless public.

Pondering: what the author is saying about public opinion, the chapter I just finished. I'm not ready to give up the internet entirely, and as a non-Christian, his hope is found in the here and now, so I understand why he adopts the cautionary stance he does. That said, he's giving me food for thought about my own use of the internet.

Gearing up: to teach the ladies Sunday school class, beginning in two weeks. We're studying John's epistles, and I'm looking forward to it.

Anticipating: fall weather and fall food, like squash, pumpkins, and apples. I plan on getting pie pumpkins again this year for freezing.

Thankful: for the chance to have lunch with all three kids yesterday. They're all back at school and busy now, so it was a good chance to be together.


Status Report - February

Sitting: at my desk, looking into the morning sky at shades of pink, lavendar, and pale blue.

Finished: two cups of coffee. Think I'll make more.

Shifting: piles of notes and books. I need to clean my desk. Pretty sure there are dust bunnies under these books.

Anticipating: teaching Proverbs beginning this Sunday. I'm equipped with good study tools.

Reading: about Nellie McClung. I'm working on a little something about her. I find her both inspiring and a little irritating at the same time.

Also reading: Truths We Confess. I'm reading a couple of sections every day. My path to Reformed theology began with Dr. Sproul, and I still love his writing.

Frowning: at the icy roads out there. I don't like this part of winter, and not because it's cold. It's dirty and icy, and I don't like it. However, I did take my macro lens out yesterday afternoon to take pictures of the interesting ice formations at the curb in front of my house.

Giving in: to the fact that I'm not the type of person who can juggle hundreds of friends. Of late, I have found myself just skimming Twitter (thank goodness for recognizable avatars!). I'm also finding that I have much more in common with the over 50 crowd. Sign of the times, I guess.

Not quite ready: to take up the rocking chair just yet.

Dreading: what to do about a diabetic cat who is clearly not going to recover and has lost all reasoning with regard to where and upon whom he urinates.

Thankful: that after watching my beloved Beagle, Sally, plummet to her death three years ago, I am exonerated from any more pet euthanasia.

Still sad: contemplating putting a pet down is not easy.

Ready: for more coffee.


Status Report - December

Sitting: in the semi-darkness. I can see the light in the sky through the trees. It's supposed to be 10 degrees Celsius today (that's 50 degrees F for those who are metric-challenged).

Finished: my coffee thirty minutes ago now. Time for another pot.

Nursing: a broken toe. The smallest toe on my right foot made heavy duty contact with a table last week, causing a strange hissing in my ears, a terrified cat who ran madly from the screams which ensued, and a snoozing Beagle to pop her head up and come running in what was either morbid curiosity or sympathy.

Sorry: I spent so much time on my feet yesterday. I was able to get a few groceries, and then I did a bit of tidying up in my basement. Today, my foot is more swollen than yesterday, and I can't wear my slippers. 

Planning: to spend more time on the couch today.

Ignoring: all of the never-ending, ad nauseum discussion about celebrity pastors. Come on, people, it's Christmas! it will all be there after the holidays are over.

Hoping: for more snow. It all melted before I had a chance to take my tripod out to photograph our Christmas lights. Once my foot is all better, it's time for the white stuff!

Reading: The Christ of Christmas, by James Montgomery Boice. It's good so far.

Also reading: A Sisterhood of Suffering: Women and Girls of Canada and Newfoundland During the First World War. I'm far more interested in World War I than World War II. It was a crucial moment in the history of Britain as well as Canada. I read an essay about how Aboriginal women in Canada were not allowed to be nurses, and how one woman was able to leave the country, become a nurse and then serve. And we women think we have it bad today. 

Convinced: again, that people who ignore history will only have a partial understanding of current events.

Looking ahead: to baking Christmas goodies. My kids will all be home for the holidays after December 17th, so I have time to put things in the freezer. 

Hoping: that I can put shoes on tomorrow so I can get out and get some Christmas cards.

Grateful: for mail order.



Yes, killing two birds with one stone is convenient. Unless it's a real bird. I don't like the idea of killing birds. Unless they're vultures.

Sitting: at my desk, looking out at the greying skies.

Waiting: for the squash in my oven to cook. I'm going to be putting some in freezer containers later when they've cooked and cooled.

Anticipating: Canadian Thanksgiving, which is on October 14. I have some frozen pumpkin already, but I'm going to go buy some more pie pumpkins and make my pies with fresh-not-frozen pumpkin.

Plodding: with the closet clean-up here. My 21 year old son's room  could have been in an episode of that show about people who hoard things. He finally gave me the go ahead, and I'm getting the place in order. I can't believe how hard a boy can be on hardwood floors. There are marks on the floor from the kick drum of one of his friends, when they used to practice here.

Loving: the book Character and Ideology in the Book of Esther, by Michael Fox. Fox is a Jewish scholar, and his insights are fascinating. I feel like the more I read about Esther, the more I want to read.

Pondering: what worship is. At Out of the Ordinary this month, we're talking about worship, and I am hoping to get some thoughts gathered.

Pondering further: some thoughts I had after reading the biography of Nellie McClung. She would be considered a first wave feminist of note in Canada, but at the same time, she would have found much of second and third wave feminism contrary to what she believed. She also professed to be a Christian, but in reading the first volume of her autobiography, I had some questions. I'm waiting to get a copy of the second volume of her autobiography, which covers the years she was an adult.

Eagerly watching: the leaves gradually taking on their fall beauty. This year, they are changing more slowly, so I am enjoying it. 

Impatient: waiting for the next season of the show "Doc Martin." I love British comedy, and I love this show. My husband and I watched all of the seasons, and now we're waiting for the current one to air on British television so that we can see it here.

Watching:  Hockey. The NHL season has begun, and I watched the first game for my Canadiens. I could not believe how many fights there were! Every time I looked up they were at it. It was a disappointing game because of that, and also because the Leafs won.

Thankful: for my ordinary life, a gift from a gracious God.