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Songs that make me close my eyes when I listen

Reverie, Debussy

Breath in, Breathe Out, Mat Kearney

Restless, Switchfoot

The Power of the Cross, Keith and Kristyn Getty

Be Thou My Vision, 4HIM


Status Report - January

Sitting:  am I sitting?  I just woke up from a 15 minute power nap and I'm not sure.

Observing:  that it is sunny, which is nice.  I should go outstide, but I'm not awake yet.

Hearing:  the sound of Snoring Beagle.

Thinking:  how annoyed I was at Snoring Beagle this morning at 5:00 a.m., because she was apparently trying to dig her way out of the crate.

Realizing:  that Snoring Beagle has been spoiled by all the attention of family and friends over the holidays and needs to re-learn her place in society.

Remembering:  how nice a sleep I was having when Stupid Wakeful Cat got up at 4:40 this morning and roused Snoring Beagle from her slumber which led to her digging for China in her crate.

Feeling:  like I've been hit with a stick; a big one.  When will it be bedtime?

Impressed: with myself for still being able to have power naps while my son records music upstairs.

Fairly certain:  that when I  have insomnia tonight, the sounds of what he's recording today will replay over and over again in my head.  Last night's insomnia featured, "Lonely Nation" by Switchfoot.  

Planning:  to have hubby bring home Chinese food because I am feeling too much like a zombie to go to the grocery store and replenish the food stores.

Anticipating:  the book Wordsmithy by Douglas Wilson.  I read the first chapter while my son was getting a tooth filled this morning.  It's going to be good.

Hoping for:  regular sleeping activity to return.  The fall was wonderful; 2012 hasn't been a banner year so far for that.

Pondering:  a cup of coffee to get me going for the rest of this day.