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A Bear, humidity, and the ESV

The past week has been a bit of a blur. Last Saturday, we brought home an eight week old Beagle puppy. When people ask me why we are getting another dog, I say, "Because we're masochistic." Puppies are fun. I love having pets. And this puppy is so cute. We even smuggled him into the hospital to visit a friend who has been in there since early July. Nurses are suckers for puppies.

Over the weekend, we had our three kids and some of their friends in the house to see the puppy, so the house was busy and fun. On a side note, the older Beagle was in high dungeon because of the little interloper. We've made progress, though. She's gone from running away everytime the wrigling bundle of joy galloped toward her to actually playing with him. She finally has someone to chase her. 

I had my first class of the semester, and it was great. This class has quite a variety of doctrinal/denominational views. This is a Baptist school, so most people were of that persuasion, but there was someone from a Pentecostal church, someone from a Presbyterian church, and someone from a Reformed church. My prof gave me a pleasant surprise when we were putting into practice the use of biblical texts to answer the question "Are all who are saved now saved in the end?" He said, "I'll admit that I am a Calvinist." 

This past week was so humid, it felt like July. How do people in southern climates survive the constant onslaught of sauna-like conditions? It saps my energy. We have friends who are serving as missionaries in Papua New Guinea, and I can only imagine how hard it was to adjust to a tropical climate on a daily basis. I felt sorry for the kids returning to school on Tuesday, as most schools in our county are not fully air conditioned. It was 41 with the humidex. I won't convert for the Fahrenheit folks; Google is your friend. Suffice it to say, it was hot.

I would love to say that I have a list of blog links worth looking at, but my blog reading is painfully small these days. I have a lot of reading this semester, and in preparation for my Augustine class, which begins on September 24, I am reading ahead. I'm almost finished a short biography for which I must prepare a critical review. I am not enjoying it entirely. There are four other volumes to consider for the class, and the reading isn't light. With a new puppy, I have to schedule my reading time for when he's asleep, just like the old days when the kids were small. The timing of getting this little creature was not optimal, but it was either now, or house trainng a dog in the winter. The introduction of puppy, whose name is Bear, means less online time, and that's never a bad thing.

I will mention that I have read a little about the issue with the ESV having a "permanent text." No, the changes to Genesis 3 and 4 don't seem to be positive changes, but what concerns me even more is the notion that a text is never open to revision. Textual studies and how we read and translate ancient documents is an area that is always growing. Never considering changes seems a little perplexing to me. On the other hand, I'm not throwing out my ESV, which I'm sure some will take as evidence that I'm just not tough enough, smart enough, or progressive enough. I just won't buy the new one. I've seen comments to the effect that this new rendering is interpretation, not translation. All translation involves some interpretation. If we seriously want to read without interpretive input, we must learn to read the original languages. That said, I find the changes in the Genesis passages a very unfortunate translation.

That was longer than I intended. I'm sure I lost 90% of the three people who may have read this at the first paragraph. Happy weekend!